About Aggys Ink Bespoke Tattoo Studio

Aggys Ink has been a successful studio for over 10 years. That fact in itself is a validation of the quality and experience. Quality and attention to detail are why Aggys Ink has held such a consistently high status for so long.

The studio was founded by Amanda Aggy Greenidge who has successfully run the operations of the business and working alongside all the artists to execute beautiful tattoos throughout the years. Aggys Ink offers a variety of styles including but not limited to realistic, portraiture and script. Working in black, grey and colour, as well as offering cover-ups and custom design work.

Whilst the studio is as popular as ever, Aggys Ink still feels it is necessary to offer as many services as possible for client satisfaction. At Aggys Ink custom tattoo we focus on the tattoo side of things but we also have our sister site Aggys Ink Aesthetics which specialises in Semi-permanent makeup, cosmetic removals, and Medical Tattooing.

Browse through Aggys Inks artist portfolios and through the services, if you have any questions use one of the contact or booking forms to get in touch. Aggys Ink has quickly become one of London’s most sought after studios and hopes to help you with your vision


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» We only tattoo persons of 18 and over
» Clean separate studios for your privacy
» Friendly, approachable and relaxed atmosphere
» Female piercer and tattooist

» Photographic ID is essential.
» Piercings – 16/17 with parent/guardian written permission,
» or 18+ with photographic I.D.