Tattoo FAQS

Tattoos are generally priced on the size or piece. Large work is priced per session, half-day is £350, and a full-day is £650

a £20 to £100 deposit is required depending on the size. Deposits are non-refundable, and 72 hrs notice of cancellation is required otherwise deposit is lost. If you reschedule more than twice then the deposit is lost.

Final tattoo ideas, need to be submitted to us by the Saturday before your booking. If this has not been done, then your booking will be cancelled, and your deposit lost. We will not be chasing you for your design ideas.

The short answer is yes. Although It all depends on your pain tolerance

Our artists specialise in realistic, portraiture and script but is not limited to these styles. It is all up to you. Feel free to browse our artists work in the gallery section.

The healing process can take from 2-4 weeks. Until then you will need to take precaution in everyday activities as not to aggravate the healing skin.

Use the booking form on the site and someone will get back to your shortly or alternatively you can call in over the phone. Contact us via WhatsApp or if you can come in, we can hold a consultation with price estimation in person. We design the tattoo on the week of the actual booking

Anyone under the age of 18 is not permitted to have a tattoo. We will ask for proof of age so bring that with you when you come in.

Unfortunately, because of COVID-19 we are not accepting any walk-ins. Tattoos can only be booked by appointment.

Piercing FAQS

Yes. Not to worry though, the pain is nothing the average person will not be able to handle. How much it hurts all depends on your pain threshold. After a short period of time your body’s natural pain killers kick in and the pain is halved.

The pierced jewellery should be left in for the duration of the healing period. Once you have healed up you can change your jewellery. For earlobes, its 4-10 weeks and for anything else its 4-12 months minimum.

Bleeding is not uncommon with new piercings. Some medication as well as drinking alcohol can thin the blood making it harder to clot after piercings. This is why we will not pierce anyone who has been drinking or on any specific medication.

To use an effective numbing agent, we would need to inject you with a needle, which is essentially the pain you would feel from the piercing. The short answer is no

We use a needle everywhere except for the earlobe. For earlobes, we use a gun and for cartilage, we use a needle as piercing guns are known for shattering cartilage

16 or 17 with parents written permission otherwise 18 with I.d. You can get your earlobe pierced from age 6 accompanied by your parents. Genital piercings are from 18.

Piercings usually take 4-6 weeks to heal but can take up to a year depending on the piercing. Aggysink will advise you on the healing time when you come into the studio

There is always a chance that your body rejects your new piercing. This is typically when your body pushes the piercing out from the piercing location. This often happens with the navel, surface, and cartilage piercings. If you have any problems, send a picture of your piercing to us and we can let you know what to do.