Tattoo prices are dependent on the design, size, and location.
The minimum price for ant tattoo is £75 + VAT

Anything over 9 hours will be priced per session

Half day £450 including VAT
Full day £900 including VAT

Specific pieces are charged by the pieces size

Final tattoo ideas must be submitted to us by the Saturday before your booking
we will not be chasing you for your design ideas.

Consultations are done via email, WhatsApp 07428007720 or you are welcome to come in. We can estimate a price, but we will redirect you to the booking form below so that all the information regarding your booking and requirements are in one place.

Deposits are £240 including VAT and are non-refundable
72 hrs notice of cancellation is required otherwise deposit is lost
if you reschedule more than twice or are a no show then your deposit will be lost

We aim to respond to your enquiries between 3 to 7 days

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    *(If you are requesting a cover up, please upload an image of the tattoo to be covered)
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