The combination of the two techniques uses the shaded look whilst implementing the Hairstrokes creating a more realistic natural looking eyebrow.
Powdered brow is essentially the ombre brow style simulating the effect of a brow pencil or powder. The start of the brow is lighter and blends
Hairstrokes brow technique is a style used to replicate the look of tiny Hairstrokes. Miniature strokes of ink are planted under the skin which creates
Areola scar camouflage
£275 per session
Using various nipple/ areola tattooing techniques, we have been able to create amazing symmetry from previously asymmetrical nipples/ areolas.
Using various nipple/ areola tattooing techniques, we have been able to create amazing symmetry from previously asymmetrical nipples/ areolas.
Our experienced technicians use the highest standard of equipment to implant coloured pigment to recreate the visible 3D image of the belly button.
Areola reconstruction
£350 per nipple or £600 for both
We use a variety of techniques to reconstruct your nipple/areolas to your visual preference.
£400 per hour (30min minimum booking)
Whilst there is no known cure for vitiligo, Aggys Ink offers a micropigment camouflage treatment that helps to blend in skin pigments.
Cleft Lip Treatment
£400 per hour (30min minimum booking)
Using our Micropigmentation technique, we can reduce the visibility of scarring left by cleft lip surgery. Our technicians use micropigmentation to disguise the scarring of the surgery.
C Section Scar Camouflage
£400 per hour (30min minimum booking)
We offer a scar camouflage service to smooth c-section scarring and irregular texture using an MCA and dry needle skin technique.
MCA and Dry Needling
£400 Per hour (15-minute minimum booking)
Aggys Ink uses a dry needle technique to flatten and blend all our scar removal services, including Burn Scars, Scars, Stretch Marks, Fine Lines and Wrinkles
Skin Camouflage
£400 Per hour (15-min minimum booking)
Skin camouflage is a technique that uses micropigmentation to implant pigments into the outer layers of the skin.
Scar Removal
£400 per hour (15 minute minimum booking)
We use a MCA and dry needle skin removal process which treats the scar itself and flattens any scarring imperfection. If the pigment of the levelled scar is slightly off colour, we offer a scar camouflage service which will give the pigment complete consistency.
SPMU Removal
£350 per session
We offer a permanent makeup removal service that covers areas of the eyebrows, lips and eyeliner
Rejuvi Tattoo Removal
£500 per hour (15 minute minimum booking)
Tattooing is an artform used throughout history, but it is only in the most recent decades that through science we are able to remove permanent tattoos successfully. AggysInk is fully qualified and use the most advanced technology in the field of tattoo removal.
A patch test enables us to identify if your skin might have any adverse reactions to our scar removal techniques.
Using our own personalised techniques, Aggys Ink has created a subtle but defining beauty spot.
Semi-permanent makeup freckles are a new trend becoming more popular by the minute. We add the freckles in natural positions in the centre of your face depending on your features.
We offer three semi-permanent eyebrow treatments. Two distinct techniques and one combination of the two.