Areola reconstruction

We use a variety of techniques to reconstruct your nipple/areolas to your visual preference. With issues arising after surgery or general injuries creating inconsistencies with the visual perception of areolas/nipples, Our Areola Reconstruction technique is a viable option.

After a mastectomy, we use our tattooing technique to copy the existing nipple/ areola. Alternatively, we can create 2 nipples/ areolas of your required size and colour. The third sitting can be included to add small details that nipples/ areolas have to create an even more realistic look

Aggysink uses a unique 3D realistic technique to recreate the detail and pigment defining the shape and look of the nipple/areola.

we will do our utmost to make sure you are happy with your nipples/ areolas.

A patch test may be required

3D Areola and nipple reconstruction (post-mastectomy)
£350 per nipple/£600 for both per session

2 sessions are needed.

Optional 3rd sitting for finishing touches £100 (nipple details)

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