Rejuvi Tattoo Removal

Tattooing is an artform used throughout history, but it is only in the most recent decades that through science we are able to remove permanent tattoos successfully. AggysInk is fully qualified and use the most advanced technology in the field of tattoo removal.

We offer our Rejuvi chemical tattoo removal. This procedure is not to be confused with rub-on tattoo removal creams that are found on the commercial market.

Rejuvi tattoo removal requires the cream to be inserted under the skin using specialised equipment. The equipment is specifically designed to extract the ink pigment.

The procedure can take from 1 to 6 sessions depending on the tattoos size, colour and placement

Please enquire through our form below and we with any information or images that might help us with your tattoo removal

Body tattoo removal £500 per hour
(Minimum 15 min bookings, depending on the size of tattoo)

A deposit is required for all bookings which is non-refundable

72 hrs notice of cancellation is required otherwise deposit is lost

If you reschedule more than twice then your deposit will be lost

No shows also mean lost deposit

You pay for the time you book

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